Thursday, July 16, 2009

i'm on a boat

and i so wish i could get OFF the boat. forreals.

i think i spent a total of 6hrs on a boat yesterday. and i'm not talkin' nice, stable cruiseships. the boats we were on completely rocked sideways, which gave me motion sickness that lasted over a whole day. when i got in the shower, i was literally swaying side to side while shampooing my hair, just so i didn't have to resist the residual motion sickness.

it was a great day yesterday, though. we are nearing our stay in thailand (thank god). at first, we didn't expect to be in one country for this long- today marks our 16th day here. we just sort of started island hopping, going from one place to another, following dive sites and in search for The Perfect Beach. honestly, most of the beaches in thailand are pretty nice, but it's not all i've imagined it to be.

so imagine our excitement when we finally trekked (and boy, did we trek, i'll get to that in a min) to find The Beach (as leo did in the movie, The Beach) that met and exceeded our expectations...

we were getting our advanced diving certification in koh phi phi (pee pee, not fee fee) island. after going through multiple brochures, we decided on booking a sunset cruise tour around the island, which included a stop at the famed maya bay (The Beach location). our new friends kim and ali have told us something about jumping off a boat to walk over to the beach, since boats weren't allowed there. but i dismissed their story to the fact they were taking a small longtail boat, which is cheaper/crummier. i thought, we're paying a lot more to go on a real double decker boat. it must be different for us.

well, it wasn't. it was exactly that they told us. we had to jump off our boat to swim to the shore. then we had to climb up this ladder, then climb back down on the other side of the mountain wall. after a short trail in the jungle (with SANDSTORMS in our faces- it had been quite stormy both on land and at sea that day), we finally reached maya bay. talk about having to work for your prize!

and the prize, it really was breathtakingly gorgeous. i can see why hundreds of people swim against violent current and go through bootcamp-like trails to get to this bay. i only wish the weather would have been nicer :(

i'm in phuket right now, waiting for our flight to singapore tomorrow. as much as i've thoroughly enjoyed our time in thailand, i'm so ready to peace out.

i should also admit my ultra-antsiness is partially related to the fact i need to go watch harry potter the moment i land in singapore. and finally eating some REAL FOOD to blog about.

laa korn ( ลาก่อน ), thailand!


  1. at least you lost the korean food weight via diving' and not eating great thai food.


  2. take lots of pics of the singaporean food. ive only had it once, and i didnt like. so much ketchup!

    CONVERT me! =)

  3. i got a little queasy just reading your story. despite that, sounds like a great time :) pee pee? bhah!!