Saturday, August 8, 2009

taiwanese chicken pattie

my life is now complete. i have held in my hands a crispy, deep fried chicken pattie (imagine chicken fried steak) the size of my FACE. and let me remind you, i'm korean so the face is pretty large.

i can't believe i'm finally on my last leg of the trip. taiwan has been a whirlwind of two days. from bangkok we almost couldn't fly out due to the biggest typhoon taiwan has seen this year. after many hours of sitting idle at the airport, we finally land in deserted city streets, just to head off for an all night clubbing and ktv...

i've always loved taiwanese foods, so i'm sad we have to leave tomorrow. but not before i head back to the night market and eat another chicken pattie... and maybe bring one on my flight tomorrow?


  1. omg, i know exactly what u are talking about-- I LOVE IT (and extra spicy sprinkles)!!!

  2. Hey Seo. Didn't know you had a blog. Adding this to my blog roll. Nice pictures... Hungry....

  3. Hi Seo!
    Met you this past crazy weekend. lol

    hope you remember me. hahaha