Saturday, November 21, 2009

back from the grave

i used to work for a major korean cellphone manufacturer, which meant i would get to use all the newest handsets before it came out in the market.  this fostered a bad habit for me, to never take care of my phones the way normal people do. every two months, i would just use the next phone that came out on the market, and chunk the old ones into a shoe box.

 it was quite difficult when i stopped working for the aforementioned company.  i can imagine this is how crack addicts would suffer, when their supplier cut them off.  to make matters worse, TMO shut the internet off all unlocked phones on its network.  i had been using an unlocked  AT&T phone, so all of a sudden, i couldn't receive emails, access internet from my phone. SO 2002!!  I WANT TO UPDATE MY FB STATUS!  and it wasn't like i could just open the shoebox and use the old phones.. b/c, well, they're not new.  it's not sexy. 

a couple of nights ago, i came home at 3am from watching new moon.  i immediately sat in front of the computer and googled "taylor lautner shoulders".  a few minutes into my search, my phone started beeping, and what do you know?  my emails are coming through!  and i can access websites again!! 

i don't believe in coincidences.. for some unknown reason my phone is functional again, so i am redistributing the karma by resurrecting this neglected blog.  

it's been three months since my last trip ended.  my life in houston has been pretty low-key.  which explains why i felt the sudden pang of restlessness and decided to book another trip overseas.  (yes, i realize i may have a problem.  will ponder this on my trip)

i'm heading out to spain, with a stopover in london.  spain is such a foodie city, so i'm stoked.  i'll try to keep a more timely update this time around.  emphasis on the word try. 

and here's just a random picture of taytay and kstew.  i know! so cute. 


i am now officially team undecided.  

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